Carpentry Services in Kingston Upon Thames

When choosing First Rate Building you receive high-quality carpentry services from a skilled team of professional handyman. As a result they can help you out fixing and restoring your beloved home whenever you need them.

 We are able to provide you with a variety of services tailored to cover your needs such as:

  • Furniture Installation and Repair Services that also include bespoke furniture and kitchen fitting;
  • Wood Floor Installations & Repairs
  • Hardwood & Laminate Flooring Installation - whatever your choice of flooring material may be (laminate, engineered wood, solid wood or parquet wood flooring, etc.) the First Rate Building carpenters have the skills and experience to transform your ideas into reality;
  • Floor Repair - nothing lasts forever and wooden floors of any type can get damaged by pets, spilled water or heavy furniture. A quick floor repair can save you from complete floor renovation for a fraction of its cost. Scratches, cracks or squeaky floorboards - we can deal with them all;
  • Floor Sanding - the floor sanding experts are ready to restore the beauty of your hardwood or engineered flooring. Some wood types are not suitable for sanding so make sure you contact us first for a free advice and quotation;
  • Floor Finishing - varnishing, staining and oiling are important steps of the overall process of home or office flooring restoration.

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If you want to bring back to life the glamorous look of your wood floor or just searching for any other carpentry services within the Kingston Upon Thames area call 020 3404 3125. We are ready to provide a team of skilled carpenters to get the job done.

In addition you can explore other flooring services by visiting our Tiling, Grouting and Resealing page for more information.

Book Professional Doors & Windows Repair, Replacement and Installation Services

Are you ready to revitalise your home? With the help of professional carpenters in Kingston Upon Thames you will save time and money repairing your doors and windows. Increase the energy efficiency and comfort of your home, or raise its resale value, here is how we can help:

  • Repair and replacement of window handles;
  • Window frame repair;
  • Replacement of door hardware including door knobs, handles, door locks, door closers;
  • Installation and replacement of door stoppers, hinges, door rollers or wheels;
  • Sliding door hardware repair and replacement;
  • Shower door installation or replacement;
  • Repair storm or wind damage.

We also provide regular maintenance to extend the life of your existing wooden window frames through:

  • Repairing rotted wood window frames;
  • Fixing stuck or jammed windows;
  • Window glazing replacement;
  • Removal of peeling paint and repainting;
  • Installation or replacement of window rubber seal to prevent drafts.

Build Your Partition Walls With Ease By Hiring Local Carpenters

Partition walls are a fast, easy and affordable way to divide more effectively large areas of your home into a number of rooms. In addition to building a wall you can request a plastering service from tradesmen that will get things done from start to finish.

Hire local builders in Kingston Upon Thames and take the opportunity to realise quickly and easily your home refurbishment plans and we are here to assist you.
Also be sure to look at our painting & decorating services and talk to our representatives for a combination of multiple services to ease your budget.

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Get Builders in Kingston Upon Thames Transform Your Home Exterior Into a Luxurious Outdoor Living Space

All of your outdoor projects - big and small are easy to accomplish with a team of fully equipped carpenters. Bear in mind that our outdoor services include:

  • Fence Installation and Repair
  • Gates Installation
  • Decking
  • Garden Planters

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