The 10 nicest plants for your balcony

Of course you also want your balcony to look bright and cozy and you can do that with balcony plants. Strong balcony plants belong in a planter. At times they are in full sun, especially if your balcony is south-facing, but shade is also an option. They should also be wind resistant. Hanging plants and […]

5 plants against mosquitoes

What could be nicer than spending a balmy summer evening in the garden? However, the problem is often that mosquitoes can really spoil such an evening. That is of course part of nature, but there are also anti-mosquito plants and you can use them to get extra rest on your terrace. 1. Lemon Plant Mosquitoes […]

The banana plant for indoors and outdoors

You can buy a banana plant almost anywhere, from the plant department of Lidl to the specialized garden center. But placing a banana plant in the garden is only possible if the temperature is high enough in the summer, because this special plant only feels at home outside in the tropics. The Musa or banana […]