5 plants against mosquitoes

What could be nicer than spending a balmy summer evening in the garden? However, the problem is often that mosquitoes can really spoil such an evening. That is of course part of nature, but there are also anti-mosquito plants and you can use them to get extra rest on your terrace.

1. Lemon Plant
Mosquitoes don’t like the fresh smell of lemon. There are therefore many remedies against mosquitoes based on that principle. The most famous anti-mosquito plant is therefore lemon bras. You can use this in the garden as well as in a pot in the room or bedroom. Lemongrass is a very easy plant to grow. You can buy it in supermarkets and shops. Cut off the dead bits and place the stems in the water. They will root within a few weeks. Lemongrass is also suitable as a seasoning in a number of oriental dishes.

2. Marigold
Marigolds don’t have a distinct or noticeable scent, but mosquitoes hate this plant. This is a pleasant phenomenon because this plant is simply decorative in the garden and requires little care. Marigolds can also be placed in a large pot, which makes it possible to protect a balcony against those pesky spikes. It makes no sense to rub the plant juice on your skin because the effect is not based on the smell or taste of the juice.

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