The 10 nicest plants for your balcony

Of course you also want your balcony to look bright and cozy and you can do that with balcony plants. Strong balcony plants belong in a planter. At times they are in full sun, especially if your balcony is south-facing, but shade is also an option. They should also be wind resistant. Hanging plants and climbing plants are of course also a nice addition and in the winter you want some green leftovers. Below you will find a short description of 10 nice plants. Do you work all day? Then choose plants that are satisfied with little water.

1. Edelweiss.
This nice alpine plant does well outside in a container with loose soil. There was a time when the Edelweis was on the brink of extinction because too many tourists picked it. Now they can show off on your balcony.

2. Hellebore.
You also want to have a winter bloomer on the balcony to add color in dark days. And after flowering, there are also decorative seed pods left. Suitable for a container on the balcony.

3. Phlox.
Phlox attracts butterflies and they also give a real outdoor feeling on a balcony. Phlox can be placed in a shallow container but is also really a hanger, can be placed in a pot or over a wall

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