The banana plant for indoors and outdoors

You can buy a banana plant almost anywhere, from the plant department of Lidl to the specialized garden center. But placing a banana plant in the garden is only possible if the temperature is high enough in the summer, because this special plant only feels at home outside in the tropics. The Musa or banana tree has a disc trunk that can grow up to 3 meters in size. But here also develop the leaves that are pushed upwards. So it is not a real tree. But a banana tree can also reach a considerable height in the living room and is not what you are looking for if you want mini plants in the room.

The banana plant is very decorative with its green leaves and can also bloom with us. However, this usually does not happen within three years and only after the plant has grown considerably. In principle, edible bananas can then also be formed. The reason they are curved is that they want to grow towards the sunlight and gravity prevents that.

Care of the banana plant
There are many types of banana plants on the market. The houseplants that are offered in our country are rarely as large as in the tropics and are therefore intended for indoor use. The banana plant is definitely not hardy. When caring for it, always keep in mind that the large leaves simply tear and then become unsightly, something you would not expect with such a strong plant.

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